Sunday, March 24, 2013

Love you bro...

These letters came later in the day....
To Jax,
good luck with basketball i know youll do great bud keep trying your hardest on your grades, i couldve got better scholarships if i had better grades... so keep working hard my friend! and thats aesome we are related to talon!! love you bro love elder Weaver
my comp gave me this shirt, doesn't fit him anymore ;)
the car has these rims... we see cars all the time with rims like this and BIGGER!!! :) haha my comp gave me this shirt it doesnt fit him anymore :) well until next week i love you all and wish the best to everyone :) love Elder Weaver :)
To Jordan,
SQUIRELL :) my comp is doing a lot better :) he punched another elder in our ward :D keep kalid in your prayers hes a young black kid we are teaching and he is super smart!!! and doesnt know if he belives in god yet but he is super accepting and is setting up our times to meet with him he is excited about learning more and im excited to continue meeting with him :) love you bro love elder Weaver

ps good luck with school stuff and dating ;)

Good for your ride!! i bet it was nice to getout and about :) my bike is working awesome butt is VERY SORE!! at least it was the first 5 days now not so much ;) thanks dad for eveything.. dont tell mom but even tho your letters are the shortest i feel they are most powerful... i cry every time i read yours.. :') love you Ross Weaver DAD love elder Jace Weaver SON :)

Gotta love the father son fortunate!

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