Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pressing Forward

church is awesome! the members are super nice and feed us good ;) yesterday I had squirrel and rabbit!!! soo good!!! haha :) I highly suggest the both of them to everyone :)

we are going door to door and riding all over the place to and from different locations every day :) the best way we contact people is by talking with them on the street and stopping giving them mormon .org cards and talking about the holy ghost and bearing witness of the blessing we both have received and offering them a book of mormon, most the time people are really accepting and sometimes people wont even talk to us... oh well :) keep pressing forward!!

Elder Fetuli's mom died of diabetes last Tuesday... please keep us in prayers especially him its weighing on him hard and the funeral is Saturday and I think he might get down the closer it gets... but I'm going to work him hard and keep the both of us busy so he doesn't think about it too much...

Tuesday as we are about to leave to teach and elderly lady (she is 95) we get a call and it's a recent convert who had a drug addiction before her baptism.. her boyfriend had hit her and broke up with her and she started smoking again giving her a bad asthma attack... she ran out of meds and called us breathing heavily and crying.. we rode over to her house as fast as we could she lives in the ghetto part and I was a little concerned,, but then I realized we are two men on a mission to serve the lord and his children. who's gonna do something :) haha anyways we got there and we gave her a blessing and she said she has to go to the hospital.. so we called around and no one was available,, we got a call back from brother Rodriguez.. coolest guy you'll ever meet.. we load up this lady and get ready to go to the hospital and we did know what was about to happen... a little background on brother Rodriguez.. recent convert of about 55 years has one son and is happily married :) he was a taxi driver in new York for 15 years... so in our adventure to the hospital he was pulling all these maneuvers to gets us there as fast as possible.. I was terrified... we got there safely though and dropped off our sister and prayed with her and left... the ride back was a lot more calm and safer.. :) it was an experience I will never forget haha

good luck with the snow and y'alls bike ride :) I would have Jax just do track he'll make new friends and have a better experience there anyways ;) Justin keep up the good work and Jordan school will still be same without your trip ;)
I forgot camera cable in apt.. will send pics next time :) I'm losing myself its crazy
we read in alma this morning, alma 29 I really like verse 9 the whole chapter is great too though :) love yall talk to you next week ….

Reply to letters...

things are going good Justin :) my comp is doing good... his mom died last Tuesday and its hard on both of us... two nights ago he broke down crying saying he didn't know why he was out here helping others if he couldn't even help his own family back home... please keep him and I in your prayers the funeral is Saturday and I hope and pray that he will be ok and we keep working hard... I don't know this Maddi?? ;) have fun and dance your... heart out? :P haha good luck in track and football coming up!!! I'm gong through withdrawls right now cause I have been starting with football stuff right about now for the past 12 years of my life... ill bee ok ;) don't take football for granted... before you now it you might not have it anymore... work as hard as you can and do whatever you can do to be the best YOU can be, not the best others think you can be.. but yourself you know what you can so push yourself to be better and work harder for YOU and the little boy who is not capable of playing.....;) love you man stay strong in all that you do and say love you buddy Elder Weaver :)
Jax don't break the ihome... ;)

thanks dad :') I am growing spiritually.. and I am loving every minute of it! my testimony builds and builds everyday! I hope through my example and my love people will want to know more.. thanks dad, for all that you've done for me and all that you will do for me I love you. I will always keep y'all in my prayers :):) have a good day and week be safe in y'alls travels and biking stuff :):)
love Elder Weaver

our thoughts and prayers are with them both, and we are sorry for Elder Fetuli's loss of him mom, so grateful for the gospel and the plan of salvation and eternal families....

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