Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pictures and district leader....

i am doing really good :) i will your questions first off
it doesnt really matter what kind of socks :) just need some more cause they go quick after washing them ;)
ny stomach is great!! :) not sick anymore :D
food is still kinda ok... just need something new....
my comp is doin ok... he just found out he might have torn his ACL and if he has then he has to stay here for another 2 months... i feel really bad him...
yes he is going to same mission
yes elder dipadova is going to the same mission and thanks for writing him his mom hadnt checked the mail and didnt know he cvould write... haha
no i didnt help new elders.. service is alright we just clean another building.. not too much fun ;)
studying is coming good!! learning A TON!!!!!!!!! :)
i dont know if i want to call from airport cause it will be so early... and crowded... ill try tho!! :)
my disctrict is flying out on same day and i think two others.... 36 total i think?
i have seen a lot of people!! from bonneville and roy... :) GOOD STUFF!!!!!
maddi has written me and nikki has written me.. got another letter from maddi today :):) pretty excited about it!!!
happy and excited :)

I asked favorite part of the MTC?
building stong relationships with the other elders in my district we have grown super close like weve known each other for years!! i love it :)

I asked what advice he would give to his brothers to prepare?
take in as much as you can!!! study like crazy and dont ever stop praying!!! ever!

i hope i answered all the questions you had :) thinks are going good thanks for all your love and support! hey real quick how is mom doing?! has she had her sergery for her eye lid yet? how did it go? send me picks ;) please haha i hope you know i love you all and your all always in my prayers :) i can send some pics from the computer i will try that right now :) tell justin i am proud of him and his maxes!! thats awesome!! jax you can not have my ihome ;) sorry haha jordan landon beat you at gettting married... what the heck!!! haha jk :) hey tell debb that i got her letter and i am very thankful for it :) and let her know that dipadova isnt my companion ;) haha and i dont think we need any to keep writing him cause his family is checking the mail now and sending stuff to him every day now :) so hes good and also thank grandpa B for his advice i got a letter from him yesterday :) i love it i love getting things in the mail so much :) i am trying to send pics i will have to send blank emails for it to work tho... :)

so most of the pics are from the temple visits and the one with me in it is me and my comp elder poulsen and the blury one is me looking in the fountain at myself :) looks cooler in person :) haha i also the mountain pics looked really cool so i took pics and thought id send em to you :) i hope the weather clears up for work to pick up again! i love you all so much :)

We were able to hop on and send a quick note back...I dont have my eye surgery till March, nothing much, skin cancer on bottom eyelid, they will remove and then reconstruct my eyelid the next day....

ok good ive been concerned about you mom :) love you all so much send me letters :) and post this all on facebook no worries :) haha and why only do the blog by invite??... why not let everyone see?? :):)

awesome thank you :) oh and president lund wanted to email me... could you contact him for me?? oh and i have been distrsict leader since sunday :)

Love the pictures that he hurried and took and sent, first time we have seen with his tag, thanks to the new drop off drill :) Proud of you Jace! SBetter call Tuesday :) So excited for him! Love you Jacer!

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